An equal

Promoting Community Cohesion

"To develop successful, well rounded, confident and positive individuals who actively promote goodness within their communities."

Right Start Foundation International (RSFI) was established in 2003; since then we have delivered social development activities on issues of education, coexistence and social inclusion.

As a charity, we focus our efforts on developing and disseminating projects which shaped by the needs of the people and their communities, both in the UK and abroad.

Our mission:

  • Leading and supporting practical initiatives which promote religious and racial harmony
  • Partnering with like-minded and goal aligned organisations to deliver essential projects
  • Bridging cultural misconceptions within the community to promote social inclusion, tolerance and coexistence
  • Utilising modern technologies to engage the youth and Millennials
  • Educating on the concept of “goodness“ within the community by developing skills and providing needed advice and assistance through offered programmes